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       Euchemy Industry was establised in 2005, is one of the Chinese leading manufactures in the pigment industry. Iron oxide pigment and organic pigment are our core businesses with a total of three subsidiaries:- Hangzhou Euchemy Co., Ltd., Huzhou Euchemy New Material Co., Ltd., and Hunan Youcan New Material Co., Ltd. And we invested and hold shares of the company - Hunan De Zhi Ju New Material Co., Ltd. The total production and processing capacity is around 80,000 tons per year.

       Euchemy Industry has various ranges of iron oxide pigments, covering Economic grade, Standard grade, Micronized grade, Heat-stable grade and Granular grade, etc. as well as with the different colors - red, yellow, black, orange, brown and green. Our products are widely used in different application areas such as paints, coatings, inks, plastics, paper, friction materials, sheets, catalysts and concrete products etc. Organic pigments include high-performance organic red and yellow pigments; Permanent purple, A3B high-grade pigment; Environmental protection color source color lake, etc. The central laboratory will test and recommend the products in exact practice application, which ensures us to choose out the most appropriate types for customers.

        With more than 20 years rich experience in the pigment industry, fully matured production technology, professional R&D teams and outstanding marketing departments, Euchemy will continuously focus on the development of pigment business worldwide, let more and more customers can find out their most appropriate pigments.


Euchemy Industry was establised in 2005


More than 100 existing workers


Annual production and processing capacity is 80,000
tons for iron oxide pigment series

  1. Hangzhou Euchemy Co., LTD.
  2. Huzhou Euchemy New Material Co., LTD.
  3. Hunan Youcan New Material Co., LTD.

Hangzhou Euchemy Co., LTD.

          Hangzhou Euchemy Co., Ltd was established in 2008, located in the Ocean International Center, Hangzhou City. Mainly engaged in pigments, chemical raw materials, chemical dangerous goods business and import and export business. There are 12 employees for now, the annual sales is about 20 million dollars, and the company won the honor of outstanding enterprise in Gongshu District for many times.

Huzhou Euchemy New Material Co., LTD.

          Huzhou Euchemy New Material Co., Ltd was established in May 2014, with registered capital of 63 million RMB, located in Linghu Town Industrial Zone, Huzhou City. The company has passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification, the EU REACH registration, the city-level production safety standardization certification and green factory certification, and passed the national high-tech enterprise audit in 2018. In July 2018, the second phase of the project started, and the new project was awarded Huzhou Industrial "Great Good High" project. At present, the company covers an area of about 22,000 Square Meter, with more than 60 workers. It produces 30,000 tons of iron oxide materials and more than 60% of products are exported, the annual sales is more than 200 million RMB.

Hunan Youcan New Material Co., LTD.

         Hunan Youcan New Material Co., LTD.  is a joint venture company invested by Hangzhou Euchemy Co., LTD and Huzhou Euchemy New Material Co., LTD., it is located in the High-tech Industrial Development Zone of Jinshi City, Hunan Province, which covers an area of about 60,000.00 square meters, is an annual output of 10,000 tons of high-performance organic pigment project. The total investment is 250 million RMB. After the completion of the project, there will be three categories of products, including 7,000 tons of high-performance organic red and yellow pigments; 10,000 tons of permanent purple, A3B high-grade pigment, 2,000 tons of eco-friendly color source and color lakes pigments. In line with the design concept of "applicable, economical and beautiful", we will strive to create a harmonious and beautiful production environment, build a modern, energy-saving and environmental protection ecological green factory in line with the standard requirements as the ultimate goal, promote regional brand construction, improve the influence of regional enterprises, and constantly improve the market share of self-owned brand products and services. For the further development of Euchemy Industry to provide more powerful backing!

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We will continue to work on the global expansion of the pigment business, so that more customers can use pigments that are more suitable for them.