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About us

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Company profiles

       Euchemy Industry was establised in 2005, is one of the Chinese leading manufactures in the pigment industry. Iron oxide pigment and organic pigment are our core businesses with a total of three subsidiaries:- Hangzhou Euchemy Co., Ltd., Huzhou Euchemy New Material Co., Ltd., and Hunan Youcan New Material Co., Ltd. And we invested and hold shares of the company - Hunan De Zhi Ju New Material Co., Ltd. The total production and processing capacity is around 80,000 tons per year.

       Euchemy Industry has various ranges of iron oxide pigments, covering Economic grade, Standard grade, Micronized grade, Heat-stable grade and Granular grade, etc. as well as with the different colors - red, yellow, black, orange, brown and green. Our products are widely used in different application areas such as paints, coatings, inks, plastics, paper, friction materials, sheets, catalysts and concrete products etc. Organic pigments include high-performance organic red and yellow pigments; Permanent purple, A3B high-grade pigment; Environmental protection color source color lake, etc. The central laboratory will test and recommend the products in exact practice application, which ensures us to choose out the most appropriate types for customers.

        With more than 20 years rich experience in the pigment industry, fully matured production technology, professional R&D teams and outstanding marketing departments, Euchemy will continuously focus on the development of pigment business worldwide, let more and more customers can find out their most appropriate pigments.

Development path


Hunan Youcan New Material Co., Ltd Project started


Huzhou Euchemy New Material Co., Ltd  Phase Project II started production


Hunan De Zhi Ju New Material established


Huzhou Euchemy New Material established


Huzhou Youcan Pigments established


Hangzhou Euchemy Co, Ltd established


Euchemy Industry Co., Ltd established


Enter into the iron oxide pigment industry

Enterprise Honor

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